Miss Nicola Eardley FRCS

Nicola Eardley
Miss Nicola Eardley FRCS
Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Eardley graduated from the University of Liverpool and remained in the city to complete her surgical training, before undertaking a colorectal surgery fellowship at the University of Toronto. Upon returning to the UK she took up a position as Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon at the Countess of Chester hospital. 

Her specialist clinical interests include colorectal surgery, emergency surgery, colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. Miss Eardley is also a passionate educator and has been awarded the position of Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Additionally, Miss Eardley is Clinical education Sub-dean for the Countess of Chester Hospital Trust, helping to support the learning needs of her medical students as well as their continual professional development. 

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