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What are the steps of Induction of general Anaesthesia?

What are the steps of induction of general anaesthesia?

Each step is important name each reason for each step.


One of the important steps in anaesthesia is oxygenation. What is the reason behind oxygenation? and how long should we oxygenate the patients for?


In atmospheric air, there is around 70% of nitrogen. This nitrogen can also be found in our lungs. As we breathe, there is a change in oxygen and carbondioxide concentration, however nitrogen remains the same. Nitrogen is also important to maintain pressure as shown in the video of atelectasis.

Oxygenation is important in terms of anaesthesia because during initiation of anaesthesia, we have to give a muscle relaxant to the patient. This will render a short term respiratory paralysis to the muscles giving us a short window to intubate the patient with an ETtube. After intubation, we can then take over the patient's breathing by using the anaesthetic circuit machine.

We should oxygenate for at least 3-5minutes to wash out the Atmospheric nitrogen.

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