Types of diathermy

There are 2 main types and both has a very different function. Name them?

Bipolar and monopolar!

Bipolar and monopolar!


Yes there is in laparoscopic surgery. This port usually through the umbilicus, has a camera, light source, insufflator and and vacuum.
Usually before the surgeon inserts the camera, the camera tip is usually dipped into an antifog to further aid the surgery.

Next question! What is the CO2 pressure used during laparoscopic surgery? Why is CO2 used? why not nitrogen or atmospheric air?

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Usually depending on surgeon…

Usually depending on surgeon's preferences, PaCO2 of 8mmHg-12mmHg is used depending on the surgeon's experience. some uses a higher. Some guidelines suggests 20mmHg however researches of hypercarbia is being studied in patients who was proceeded with a higher CO2 pressure. Higher pressure means a higher room to work with during laparoscopy.

CO2 is used because of its unreactivity towards heat and fire. If oxygen were to be used, laparoscopic cauterization is impossible without having patients popping in every surgery. Atmospheric air is never used because of the presence of oxygen. During haemostasis with a laparoscopic instrument may cause a combustion of oxygen which may be disastrous.

Use of diathermy in developing countries?

Can diathermy be used in developing countries given the lack of consistent power supply for the device and its ventilation? How is this overcome?

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