Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surgical Teaching?

Surgical Teaching is a cutting-edge learning platform that combines expert-endorsed videos, interactive quizzes and a supportive online Community to help make learning more efficient, fun and simple.


Who is Surgical Teaching Designed for?

Surgical Teaching is designed to help Medical Students excel in their exams and also in real-life medical scenarios. However if you’re a newly-qualified Doctor or studying to be a Nurse, Physician Assistant or Surgical Technologist, then Surgical Teaching is an ideal resource to complement your learning and help you prepare for exams and every day clinical challenges.


How can I use Surgical Teaching?

We have specifically designed Surgical Teaching to fit your needs and improve the efficiency of your learning. Test your knowledge with our quizzes, watch expert video lectures or simply discuss topics with peers in our Community, Surgical Teaching is there to help.


What is the difference between “Free” and “Premium” membership?

Free members have full access to our online Community as well as limited access to our high-quality learning modules and interactive quizzes.

Premium members enjoy totally unlimited access to all of our fantastic content.

What’s more, Premium members get exclusive access to all our future content releases for the duration of their subscription.


How frequently is new content added?

All of Surgical Teaching’s content is created by our super talented in-house team and is designed with aim of helping you pass your exams and succeed in medical school.  We regularly release new learning content that covers a breadth of topics and curriculum areas, so our Premium members can stay ahead of the curve!


Is it only Surgical Topics?

Whilst we specialise in Surgery-oriented topics, we are always expanding our content to include more areas i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Examination skills, that will help you ace your exams and excel with real patients.


How do I pay for a Premium membership?

Surgical Teaching Premium can be paid for annually or on a monthly basis, using Paypal, Apple Pay or Credit/Debit Cards. Due to card processing requirements, in some countries subscription will recurring and in others a one-off payment. To find out more please email


Will my membership auto-renew?

To ensure you enjoy uninterrupted access to our Premium content, your membership will automatically continue at the end of each subscription period if you have purchased a recurring subscription. If you have purchased a product with a one-off payment then no further amount will be taken and your Premium account will downgrade to Freemium at the end of this period.  You can cancel your membership prior to this date by visiting the “Subscriptions” tab in the “My Account” area of the site.


Is there a limit to how many devices I can access Surgical Teaching on?

We have designed Surgical Teaching to provide a fantastic learning experience on any device. However, you can only be logged in to your Surgical Teaching account on one device at time.


Why should I sign up to Surgical Teaching?

We are passionate about medical education and have specifically created Surgical Teaching to improve the efficiency of your learning and support your educational needs. Our members are what drive us, so come join the movement and help us build something amazing!