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Nicola Eardley
Miss Nicola Eardley FRCS
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Eardley graduated from the University of Liverpool and remained in the city to complete her surgical training, before undertaking...

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Diverticulitis is a potentially serious condition, defined by the inflammation or infection of colonic diverticula, that may lead to sepsis and the patient becoming critically unwell. Management of the condition depends upon the proper assessment of its severity and can range from antibiotics to surgical intervention. 

This module familiarises you with the presentation, diagnosis and investigation of this important condition, followed by its management and follow-up care.

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Learning Parts

Part 1

Diverticulitis: Definitions and Pathophysiology

Part 2

Diverticulitis: Epidemiology and Presentation

Part 3

Diverticulitis: Differential Diagnoses

Part 4

Diverticulitis: Investigations

Part 5

Diverticulitis: Management

Part 6

Diverticulitis: Surgical Management, Follow-up Care and Summary

Part 7

Diverticulitis Quiz