How X-Rays Work

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Miss Wen Ling Choong
Miss Wen Ling Choong MRCS
Ninewells Hospital and Medical school, Dundee

Wen Ling is a full-time Specialty Registrar (ST5) in General Surgery with a subspecialty interest...

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X-Rays are a commonly used and vital investigation. In this module you will gain a clear understanding of the principles behind the function of X-Ray imaging, something that is key to the accurate interpretation of the images generated.

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How X-Rays Work

Part 2

How X-Rays Work Quiz

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The 'How X-rays Work' and…

The 'How X-rays Work' and CXR have been really informative! The animation really made learning easy. It would be nice if you have something similar for AXR too :)

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